Time Frame 
On May 26th 2016 - 2016 Consumer Choice Awards for "The Best Dealership In the G.T.A and Surround Area's".
On July 24th 2016 - Metroland Media "Used Car Dealership, Import Cars, Over All Dealership & Detailing".
On February, 20th 2016 - Remarketing Forty Under 40 " 40 Under 40 Kamran Khadem". 
Unlike the other awards won by Bell Auto this is quite different. This award has been giving for business owners that have successfully completed there trails and errors, have establish their enterprises, have conquered challenges and have made there mark in there industry of trait. This award was given to Kamran Khadem the President and CEO of Bell Auto Inc., who has successful upheld Bell Auto at 38 years old. He has not yet hit the 40 mark which is an even better accomplishment. At 38 years of age Kamran has successful grown Bell Auto from the moment he started working in his fathers company. This is not the last for this 38 year old gentlemen, he has differently left his footprints in the dealership world you can expect much more from him.
Winner's Spotlight 
Bell Auto has won in all 4 categories for 2016 Metroland Media Toronto, Readers Choice Awards for Import Cars - Platinum, Detailing - Silver, Used Car Dealership - Platinum and Over All Dealership in Platinum. This is there first time being categorized as a nominee for Metroland media and certainly not there last. They have definitely worked hard to receive this award and my more awards to come for this company. 
Bell Auto has been awarded the 2016 Consumer Choice Award Winners for a second year in a row; for their excellent customer service in the G.T.A and surrounding areas. It is a proud moment for Bell Auto, being selected by their own customers; for this award. This is the most honorable award they have received for there business in the past 17 plus years. Of course, they have received awards however nothing as prestigious as this award. In this is photo you will see - the present Kamran Khadem on the left side, the owner Alex Khadem in the middle and Manger  Reza Mahinpoor on the right side they came dress to the tee for a second year in a row. As a company Bell Auto has been the underdog for so long and is coming to the top once again, they are taking a rise for the top with fast in speed. They have recently upgraded there inventory from 150 cars to 200 Quality Pre-Owned Vehicles. They are defiantly a dealership making a mark in the auto world.
Bell Auto has been features in the May- June edition of the leading independent dealerships. This article focused on the increase and the success of Bell Auto through there customer service that has been pushing there success. Bell Auto is not only a dealership to customers but also a family where they come too for anything needed. Customer are treated as family rather than just customers looking to buy a car.  
"Being awarded let alone nominated for the readers choice award is such a great accomplishment. Not only to mention Bell Auto has won an award in all nominated categories. My entire team has worked extremely hard this year & this is a very well deserved award, thank you again Reader Choice" - Kamran Khadem. 
         Dealer Comments
Another well deserved award for all of us at Bell Auto. Wining this award last year was a great accomplishment. Then being told we were nominated by our customers again was again another shock. We did not think we would have won this award nor were we competition with anyone else; seeing that we won this award last year as a dealership we wanted to remain humble. Being humble was an understatement when we found out that we won this award once again for a second time in a row. Bell Auto is the 2015-2016 Consumer Choice Award Winners for the " Best Used Car Dealership In the G.T.A and the Surrounding Areas"- Says, Alex Khadem. 
The 40 under 40 award was by far one of the top awards I have received as an individual. I have accomplished so much in the span of my life, I really have not been paying attention to how old I am. Rather I have been more focusing on what I need to get done. I think when you do things for the value of doing them, you will see the reward in it more.